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Bioo Lite Charges Your Phone Using Potted Plants

The evolution of renewable energy continues to drop jaws; Bioo Lite is the new green kid on the block that will help you charge your phone and save the planet.

Bioo is a device created to charge your phone using plants! It extracts the photosynthesis which the plants receive from the sun and converts it to electrical energy, enough to charge your phone repeatedly (up to three times daily).

The technology has been created to look fancy but it actually is a flower vase – just a little more, high tech. The vase has a USB port where you can plug in your charging cable.


Get to know Bioo Lite

Bioo is simple

It is very easy to operate; you do not need a long manual or any YouTube tutorial. All you need is a charging cable or USB cable, a plant, some water, little soil and of course your phone.

How to begin –  pour water into the vase, shake a little, put in your plant and a little soil. That’s it, you are ready to charge.


Bioo is very open-minded

Bioo will charge any phone that uses a USB cable. So no need to worry about the brand of your phone.


You also do not need a special plant, any kind of plant would work. However, some plants produce more electricity than the other so the plant you select may decide how fast your phone will charge. And if your little green friend passes away, just plant another and keep charging. As long as there’s a healthy plant in the pot, Bioo works.

Bioo will beautify your space

As mentioned earlier, Bioo is a flower vase so you don’t have to fret about how out of place it would look by your window side or by your newly polished chestnut table. The vase is plain, portable and very in-season. On the outside, it looks like a flower vase, on the inside it’s working some high-end technology mojo.



Bioo is clean

Bioo is sealed tight so you shouldn’t be bothered about water spilling on your expensive Italian white cashmere carpet. The (very very) harmless bacteria used in converting energy also cleans the water to keep the plant healthy and protected.

Bioo will not harm you

Just because your vase is cool and charges phones doesn’t mean you could get zapped by it. The device only produces energy when a device is plugged to it.

Pre-order Bioo Lite on Indiegogo


P.S do not expect super charging speed from Bioo. It doesn’t charge as fast as a cable plugged directly to a power source – just as fast as your phone would charge when connected to a computer. Hey, don’t be disappointed, poco a poca, we’ll get there.


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