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Evapolar – Your Personal Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner.

Evapolar, the world’s smallest air conditioner is a portable  desktop air conditioner that not only cools the air but purifies and humidifies it.



L x W x H – 160 x 160 x 165. Due to its portability, Evapolar can be taken everywhere ensuring you don’t have to adjust to temperature you are not comfortable with.


Less chance of getting a cold.

Evapolar cools smoothly and almost naturally instead of simply producing cold wave of air that could give you a cold.

Beauty Effect

Evapolar increases the moisture in the air which is good for your skin and hair.


Eco Friendly

Evapolar uses recyclable and easily evaporated materials – water and paper thin materials and no toxic coolant. This air conditioner will not cause any harm to the environment.


Easy to use

Simply pour water in the detachable container, turn on the power grid, adjust the temperature and feel the coolness.

Saves Energy

Evapolar is a power saving device. No need to worry about your power bill.

Evapolar is said to be the world’s first personal air conditioner and it has some pretty neat features. That its super portable is an added bonus. Its encouraging that a lot of the gadgets being produced are Eco-friendly. It shows that the world is becoming more attuned to the state of the planet.

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