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Jiffy: Your Super-Fast Manual Charger

Everyone loves their smartphones but a downside to it is constantly having to worry about your battery going down. The genius techies of this world are very aware of this problem and are graciously pushing innovative ways to charge our phones. The newest charging device on the block is Jiffy, a pocket-sized manual charger.

Jiffy is a portable Eco-charger that will ensure your phone never runs out of juice. Go wherever you want and do whatever you want without having to worry about your phone battery. This charger is for everyone especially those who check for power outlets the minute they walk into a room.

Reasons why you need Jiffy

Generates its own energy.

Unlike power packs, you don’t have to worry about charging Jiffy. It uses mechanical energy to generate its own electricity making it completely independent of any power source. Your charger won’t run out of juice, your phone won’t run out of juice. That occasional blackout is not your problem, Jiffy’s got you.

jiffy blackout

Charges super-fast

Jiffy uses the fastest charging technology out there which is “Quick Charge 2.0”

Works anywhere, anytime.

Unlike solar chargers, Jiffy isn’t dependent on the sun to work – it works in all kinds of weather. It’s also not selective about places and time – works when you’re underground, above ground, in the air, hanging between two dimension, anywhere at all. Now you don’t have to worry about your phone going out of juice when you take a long trip.

Doubles as a flashlight.

Instead of reaching for your phone or flashlight during those power outage moments, reach for Jiffy.


Comes with a multi USB cable.

With the multi USB cable, you can charge your phone, your friend’s phone and any of your gadgets that uses USB cable. According to the producers, Jiffy can concurrently charge 4 smartphones browsing the internet with 3G.



Jiffy explained in techie terms

“Jiffy represents a USB charger that mechanically produces electricity without eliminating toxic substances into the atmosphere. Electricity production is carried out by a three phase asynchronous micro generator with very high productivity, which is driven by a complex mechanical watch. With a simple movement the mechanism is charged with kinetic energy which is transmitted to the micro generators. The charging module is 5V USB that charges all the devices that support the standard USB. The intensity of electric current is up to 2200 mA and this offers a faster charge, by using the new technology ‘Quick Charge 2.0’”


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