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Livia: The Off Switch For Menstrual Cramps (Video)

Livia is the absolute miracle and answer to the millennium-old prayer of women experiencing menstrual cramps. No more pills or exercises that keep you in awkward positions. Livia is a clip on device that eliminates pain by keeping the nerves busy. Livia operates on the “Gate Control Theory” – it transmits a pulse that keeps the nerve gates closed thereby preventing the pain from reaching your brain. The device works instantaneously once connected and can be used by women of all ages.

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What you need to know about Livia

Livia V Pain killers

Once you clip on Livia, you don’t have to use drugs or occasionally wince or double over in pain – it is said to reduce intense pain by about 80%. The constant pill popping  eventually has side effects unlike Livia which has absolutely no side effects. Unlike pain relievers, you cannot develop a tolerance to Livia.

It is comfortable and discreet

The device is flat so you can wear it and go about your daily activities without drawing undue attention to yourself. It also provides no discomfort so you forget its there.


It has been tested

Livia has already been tested so you don’t have to worry about using untested products. The device has been tested on 163 women.

Livia is reusable

Unlike tampons, Livia can be used over and over again. One device can be used for years


The producers’ advice that you do not use Livia if you have a heart condition or use a pacemaker.

It is chargeable

Livia has internal batteries that once fully charged could last 15 hours. You charge it by plugging it to a USB cable.

Complete package and warranty

The package comes complete so you don’t have to buy it in pieces. It comes with 1 Livia device, 1 device cable, 1 USB charging cable and 4 Livia hydrogel pads.  Livia is available in several colors. It’s worth mentioning that it also comes with a 2-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about getting a faulty device.


Easy to use

The device is super easy to use. Simply attach the buds too wherever you feel pain and press the on button. Voila! Pain mostly gone. It’s like magic but with way more effort and resources.

Who should get Livia?

Everybody should get Livia! Buy it for yourself, for your sisters, mothers, wives, buy it for your dog, buy a couple extra as backup.

Livia is currently running a campaign to raise funds. Head on to Indiegogo and back the science miracle that is Livia.


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