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Lose Belly Fat Effortlessly With LumiDiet Belt

Considering the constant obsession with weight on both ends of the sex spectrum, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are portable devices that can help you lose weight without you moving a muscle


Lumidiet is a strap-on diet belt that uses LED technology to burn down fat in your body at a fast rate.

Admittedly most of us want to look like the models on covers of magazines; but the minute we think about all that work involved, we just say to ourselves “eh I’ll do the crunches tomorrow” or “this one slice of chocolate cake won’t hurt”. On and on goes the excuses till we look nothing like the runway models.

Lumidiet is here to make all your lazy wishes come through. Be that size 2 you’ve always wanted to be but without all the hassle.


Features of LumiDiet

It is reusable

Just like a regular waist belt, you can use this device over and over till you have achieved your desired shape.

You can also share it with your friends – if you are comfortable with that.

It is chargeable

Like every other smart device out there, LumiDiet is chargeable. It has a battery capacity of 3000mAh. Once fully charged, it can last up to 4 hours (which is about 8 sessions). featured image

Easy to use

Simply unplug it, strap it around your stomach and turn it on. Another great plus of this device is that you can use it before workouts, while watching TV, studying or even cleaning.


Supports vibration mode

The device supports vibration mode  which quickens the fat-burning process.

It is portable

LumiDiet was clearly created with the user in mind. It is light and portable. You can wear it anywhere and everywhere without it causing discomfort or attracting undue attention.

Comes in various sizes

The belts come in medium size (25 – 40 inches waist) and large size (40 – 50 inches waist).


LumiDiet also includes IoT, Internet of things technology. This feature will allow you use your SmartPhone to interact with LumiDiet. It will help track biometrics, physical activities, fat reduction data and many more

Lumidiet could also be used in the treatment of obesity.

How it works

Light (photons) are a form of energy, produced by super vibrating molecules. When molecules receive any form of energy they vibrate and begin to break down their molecular structure. LumiDiet uses  photo-therapy to break down fat from the body, making the user lose weight. It uses red LED rays (which emit a specific kind of frequency) to dissolve fat.

The frequency of light provided from the device gives energy to the fat molecules in our muscles and in the skin, making them vibrate so fast they break their molecular structure and become very small.


The producers of LumiDiet are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. To support this device, go here

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