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Meet June – The Oven That Does Everything.

Everything is going smart and small these days. It’s almost like the new tech theme is ‘go hard or go’ home. The new smart kid on the block is June Intelligent Oven and she would like to make your cooking easier and your food better.

What can June do?

June Oven can bake, roast, broil, reheat and slow cook.

Using the in-ceiling camera, June can identify your food and recommend the best cooking program for the food. However, the first batch of the oven will only be able to recognize 15 commonly cooked foods. The producers plan to expand the identification band over time

The oven has comes with a probe that measures the core temperature of your food to ensure it doesn’t get overcooked, under-cooked, burned and any other heat problems you can come up with.


While using the app, you can upload your food recipe with the amount of guests you are cooking for and June will write you a shopping list – what you need to cook the food.

NB: The app only supports Apple IOS devices

The in-ceiling camera identifies your food and can stream live to your mobile phone using the app. The oven automatically goes off when the food is cooked and sends a notification to your phone so you don’t have to excuse yourself every minutes to check on your food. You can also upload footage of the food directly to your social media account.



June is small enough to fit on the average counter-top but large enough to sit a 12-inch pizza or a full chicken. The oven is about the size of a toaster


The clear glass door on the oven and white LED ensures that you can have a full view of your food while it’s cooking.

Using June’s manual cook, you can modify most features of the oven – the core temperature, the cook modes, what appears on your home screen and the sound the oven makes when the food is ready.

The oven has a 5 -inch touchpad and a control knob.


A review by Cnet says that the producers are charging a ridiculous amount ($1495) just so you can watch your food cook and post pictures of the food on social media. Considering the extent of social media craze going around and what people are willing to share on these platforms, it’s expected that appliances will start to use ‘social media sharing’ as a point of attraction. And the product seems to be targeting people who love to watch and share pictures of their food (like chefs). Secondly, till smart kitchen appliances become mainstream and the market is simply flooding with them, the outrageous price is what we’ll have to deal with.

You can pre-order June here. The product won’t be available for delivery till later this year.


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