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ONAGOfly: The Smart Palm-Sized Drone (Video)

Ever wanted to take a picture with friends or family and one person who should be in the picture has to take the picture? Or you had to use a timer, which sometimes catches you with a funny expression on your face. Say hello to nano drone ONAGOfly, guaranteed to take a couple of great and complete pictures.

The ONAGOfly is a very handy gadget with practical features. ONAGOfly is a palm sized lightweight (140g) smart drone. It can be controlled with your Smartphone, and has an awesome feature that allows it track your phone and follow you around.


High quality pictures

Record every moment with ONAGOfly’s 15 MP camera and 1080P HD videos. The convenient part is, the drone is synced to your device so the pictures and videos are automatically saved to your Smartphone (using data or wifi). It also has smile detection; takes a photo when a smile is detected.

GPS Navigation

With its GPS navigation, the drone can track your phone’s GPS and record in motion.

Automatically avoids obstacles

With inbuilt infrared, the drone avoids obstacles and walls. This is definitely an about-time feature – no more drone accidents headlines. Definitely a smart drone.

Smartphone flexibility

The drone is compatible with IOS 6.0 (and above) and Android 4.0 (and above). Control your drone from your smartphone using the ONAGOfly app.


The ONANGOfly is super easy to use. At the touch of a button, the drone will take off from your palm and follow you around.

Battery life

The drone has about 15 minutes of flight battery life which is quite impressive for its category.

You can pre-order ONAGOFLY on Indiegogo

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