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Pavlok Shock Clock: The Alarm You Can’t Ignore (Video)

Pavlock presents the alarm clock you should not ignore – Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer. A lot of people set alarms just so they can press the snooze button over and over till they are finally ready to wake up. If you are a remorseful serial snoozer, here is an alarm clock that will not only wake you up but train you to be a morning person.

How it works

The Shock Clock is a wearable wrist device. You set the alarm and put it on your wrist before going to bed. The clock uses sensory stimuli so once it’s time for you to wake up,

  • the watch vibrates gently.
  • If that doesn’t wake you up, the watch beeps  like the regular alarm
  • and if that doesn’t wake you (you sleepy head), well then, you are going to get shocked out of bed.

Using the Shock Clock app (available for Android and IOS), you can decide how you want to be woken – one of the options, two of the options or all three options. The watch lets you set just one alarm and it snoozes at the touch of a button.


You can turn off the alarm on the app or you can press the lightening button on the Shock Clock.

The wrist device is chargeable with a micro USB cord and full battery lasts about three days.

How does it make you a morning person?

The watch method is effective as it conditions the brain to wake you before you get shocked. After a couple of days of getting zapped out of bed, your brain memorizes the sequence – first the vibration, the loud beep then the shock. If the loud beep wont wake you, your brain would because it does not like getting shocked.  A plus side, if you become used to waking up early, you would lean towards going to bed early too so you can get a good night rest.

The producers of the Shock Clock are currently raising funds on Indiegogo to add two new features to the clock

  • motion sensor so the watch senses you are up and moving. If you are not, it zaps you again.
  • and a means of communication so it can gossip to your friends that you are asleep and let them get joy out of zapping you awake.


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